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Delay Fish Farm Projects Till Rains Reduce

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Prossy Nandudu

Although the onset of rains throughout the month of March, April and May is expected to increase agriculture production, some sections of the sector should first be halted till the rains subside.

Such areas, according to the Weather forecast, released recently farmed fish through ponds and cages.

According to the report, there will be an increase in water levels on Lakes Albert, Victoria and Kyoga, which will further flood other water basins where most farmers with ponds position themselves so as to get enough water.

Now because of the higher number of rains expected, such farmers have been advised to wait and embark on the project when the rains reduce.

The report adds that areas currently experiencing heavy rains will experience less from the end of March, Mid-April and then towards the end of May.

In the meantime, those who will insist and go on with the project, should do the following, according to Dr Bob Alex Ogwang, the Executive Director of the Uganda National Meteorology Authority (UNMA).

•           Dykes for ponds constructed in flood prone areas should be raised (At least twice higher than the normal-0.5m) to prevent flooding and fish escape;

•           Farmers are advised to stock their ponds;

•           Farmers are advised to prepare for proper preservation and value addition of their products for increased shelf life and income.

Advise to Fishers

•           Fishermen should avoid fishing in swamps and designated breeding areas to prevent catching breeding and immature fish;

•           Fishermen should monitor hotspots of invasive aquatic weed infestations for early removal;

•           Fishermen should reduce fishing during rainy days but use personal protective equipment (life jackets) if they must fish;

•           Fishermen and communities around water bodies should preserve or restore buffer zones and wetlands;

•           Fisherfolks are advised to prepare for utilization of artisanal preservation and processing of their products for increased shelf life and income.

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