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Conserving Environment Is Key On The Farm

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“If you don’t like a plastic smile you should not like equally a plastic soil”

“If you don’t like plastic, you should equally have plastic soil”. This was the message to the farmers by Anthony Mateega, meaning that everyone will have to pay the price for the buveera.

Mateega stresses that it is criminal to cut trees at his farm and says finding a kaveera or cutting trees from his farm leads to a penalty of deducting all employees’ salaries on the farm.

 At St Joseph Agro Business Enterprise Mannyogaseka, Mateega says around the farm there are billboards that caution all people on the farm not to litter plastics and polythene bags on-farm plus information to the visitors to leave polythene bags and plastics in their cars.

Conservation agriculture is generally a “win-win” situation for both farmers and the environment. Yet many people intimately involved with worldwide food production have been slow to recognise its many advantages. They, instead, consider it to be a viable alternative to conventional agricultural practises that are having an obvious negative impact on the environment.

Find more information about how to conserve the environment on your farm in the video below.

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