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Common Maize Pests

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Apart from armyworms, what are other common maize pests?

Other maize pests also the cutworms. Although they are called cutworms, these are actually big caterpillars.

They mainly feed on young maize seedlings at the soil level, mainly at night. During the day, they hide in the cut plant in order to avoid predators.

Insecticides should be applied during the early stages of infestation. Just like the case is with the armyworms, the insecticide should be applied at night, since these worms are hiding during the day.

For the maize leaf hoppers, the adults are light-yellow with uneven, black spots on the abdomen and two brown or black spots between the eyes.

Adults deposit smooth creamy white eggs on the mid-veins of the leaves of young maize plants. The adult hopper can easily be seen in the maize seedlings since it is less active.

They feed on the base of the seedlings by sucking out juice/water from it, making it stunted.

They can also spread the virus that causes the maize streak virus disease, which in turn causes the maize to turn pale, with yellow streaks on the leaves. If not handled, they can destroy whole maize shambas.

These can be dealt with using insecticides with carbamates as an active ingredient. Consult your extension worker at the sub-county for the right insecticide to apply.

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