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Biraakwate Uses Social Media To Grow Her Ghee Business

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Ritah Mukasa

Miriam Biraakwate, a proprietor of Kwate quality ghee business has for the last five years been maximizing online marketing to grow her business.

She subscribes to many groups on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram where she markets her ghee.

Biraakwate is also a teacher at Luzira inmates secondary school.

She advises that to succeed in online marketing, you have to be online all the time to take orders and deliver on time. People hate waiting for responses. Once an order is placed, clients expect speedy delivery.

Also, work on the brand. It should be captivating, well-packaged and sealed.

Integrity, consistency and trust are also key. For example, deliver what you exactly advertise and be truthful with the measurements and specifications. If it’s a fruit, deliver it as it is with no change in colour or size.

“You should look like your product. Don’t compromise your image. Mind your physical appearance and how you talk to clients,” she says. 

Also, build a good rapport with them and do follow-up as well. This helps the entrepreneur to keep on track with the business.

However, online marketing also has challenges.

For example, Biraakwate says she made losses from trusting people she did not know. They would place orders online and refuse to pay. However, she now delivers after payment is done. 

Also, online is marred with conmen. One time, she got a call from one purporting to be a client. He ordered for 1000kgs and Biraakwate got excited. 

She was only saved when the conman asked her to send him transport. It was a wake-up call.

Besides, some people do not take her seriously. They place orders, and she hires a boda but upon reaching the agreed point, the client disappears.

They also refuse to pick up calls while others order but on delivery, they offer less money. To mitigate such losses, new clients have to send money first before an order is delivered.

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