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Abi ZARDI Equips Farmers With Seed Technology

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Robert Adiga

A section of farmers in the West Nile region have been empowered with technology promotion seeds and value addition equipment.

The farmers were on Friday treated to excitement after receiving seed technologies and Motorized cassava chippers from Abi Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Abi ZARDI) in Arua City.

The technologies worth sh52m were donated to the selected farmers in a bid to address the challenge of seed gap so as to improve yield productivity and production levels in the West Nile region.

The donated technologies include; six cassava chippers each costing sh6m, NABE 16 Bean variety, NARO bean 1 and 2, Maksoy3N, NAMCHE 5 Rice, VETIVA Grass, 10 Mubende goats and maize Longe 5D maize among others.

Before receiving he technologies, the farmers were thoroughly trained on the use of each technology by the experts rom AbiZARDI

While handing over the technologies, Clement Peace Ejua, a research officer at Abi ZARDI who doubles as the program lead technology promotions and outreach Officer says, the above technologies were selected because of their superior attributes.

“In West Nile, we have been having a challenge of seed gap and this intervention was specifically targeted to bridge the challenge of seed gap in the region and specifically why we have selected these technologies is because of their superior attributes, one we have the Mubende goats it has a superior advantage over our local goats because the carcass weight is well above 35kgs, then the special attribute the skin has for the leather industry and the nature in which it can withstand the harsh weather gives us a superior choice among other local varieties”, Said Ejua

He said they have also given out a series of crop seeds including Longe

He says, the selection of the beneficiaries was supposed to be across the West Nile region but realize that, they needed to break the beneficiaries into two with the first lot including the districts of Nebbi, Zombo, Pakwach, Arua, Arua City, Maracha among others while the second lot to be undertaken between July or August will cater for the other districts.

“All the technologies given out cost shs52m and we think if all the seeds given out are put to good use, we projected 104m in the first year and in three years’ time, it will have a multiplier effect of shs312m in the community. We think that if farmers are empowered this way, our technologies will go and address the seed gap, improve the yield productivity and production levels will also improve in the region,” Ejua said.

After receiving a cassava chipper on behalf of 472 members, Frank Onaba, the chairperson of Angal producers’ cooperative society limited in Nebbi district commended Abi ZARDI for the effort and support extended to the cooperative.

He says, last year the group produced over 60 acres of cassava and planning to produce close to 80 acres this year.

Rev. Fr. Robert Ojama, the Parish Priest of Ajia Catholic Parish in Arua district who also benefited from the seed technology expressed gratitude to the government of Uganda for the intervention, saying it is necessary to always empower the local people.

Agnes Atizuyo, the chairperson Letasi COVID-19 women group who have transformed into a SACCO says, they have benefited a lot from AbiZARDI after they have been providing labor services for their garden for long.

“Most of our members have the local goats and this Mubende breed we have received here will help us to improve out breeds and we as a group are also going to buy our on she goats since we now have the male one available, we expect to use this maximally coupled with the improved variety seeds we have received”, Said Atizuyo

But while presiding over the function, Alice Akello, the Arua Resident City Commissioner (RCC) warned the farmers against the sale of the technologies received.

Agani WOmen’s Group after receiving the seeds

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