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By Prossy Nandudu

Tracy Cherotich, a former student of Iganga SS, is all praises for Agriculture, due to the many achievements she has attained. I have gained a lot because of the farm camps I attended while still in school.

My journey in practical agriculture started while I was in form four vacation, it coincided with the outbreak of COVID 19. So we had a long holiday and I requested my parents for space to practice agriculture, narrates Cherotich.

They gave me a plot and because I knew I would go back to school soon, I decided to plant trees. I planted 200 trees, each seedling cost me sh200. For labor I got one person to help me dig up the holes and I planted the trees myself, two years later the trees had grown, she explained.
After form six, more opportunities opened for Cherotich. “I opted to practice agriculture, and did horticulture. My parents added me to another plot of land where I have planted spinach and sukuma wiki (kale) which are sold weekly, she added.

Using the money from the sale of vegetables, Cherotich has also invested in a sprinkler irrigation facility to reduce time spent watering the plants and that made her work easier.

“My experience means that agriculture can enable a youth to get what they want. As youth, we need many things, we need money to go out with our friends to chill out. But we don’t have to ask for money from our parents every time we want to go out. It is even a shame that when you join campus, your work is to ask for money from your parents. You can become your own money maker and create employment for others through agriculture.” she added.

Apart from making her money through farming, she earns extra income from schools that hire her to train students in agriculture.   “After this training, you don’t have to look for money, the money is in your father’s compound, verandas or some piece of land that your family doesn’t use. Let us get into agriculture to prevent idleness, to make money and also get opportunities outside the country, “Cherotich added.

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