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2024 Expo Enterprises: Piggery

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Herbert Musoke and Joshua Kato   

By the beginning of 2023, a kilogramme of pork went for sh10, 000 and by the end of the year it was sh14, 000 in most parts of the country.

Michael Buwembo, a piggery expert with Kafiika, a sales representative of Koudijs, the sponsors of best farmer competition and harvest money expo, explains that piggery is a profitable venture if one understands what they have to do.

“For a profitable piggery enterprise, one should consider stocking improved breeds like landrace, large white and camborough. Other considerations are good housing, quality feeds and proper feeding, bio- security as well as a marketing plan,” he says.

“Genetics will bring about the best feed conversion ratios where you animal or bird will give you the best weight per a kilogram of feed eaten that with quality feed mixed with Koudijs concentrate, it will give you a kilogramme of pork per 2kg of feed which is a good conversion ratio such that by six months a pig is over 90kg and can be sold for pork or be served for breeding,” he says.

A well-managed sow, it should produce 10 piglets per a birth and twice a year and at least 15 pigs. If at 90kg of live weight each kilogramme cost sh7, 500, a farmer will earn sh675, 000 per pig. If you started with nine gilts (young adult females that haven’t yet produced) and one being a Boar, you will need about sh2m for stock. Each pig weighs 90kg, it will eat about 270kg equating to sh297,000 with a kilo going for sh1, 100 and sh1, 400 (mixed with concentrate).

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