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You Never Go Wrong Growing Mushrooms!

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The prospect of farming can be intimidating in terms of time, labour and startup costs. But mushroom growing is profitable and less cumbersome yet profitable. 

Teopista Nabbosa from Sekibunga Mushroom Growers Company says mushroom growing is cheap, easy and the waiting period is not long.

“If you want to grow mushrooms start with a room, which we refer to as a dark room and a steady supply of water. We emphasize a dark room because that is where they thrive best. There is no need for chemicals or pesticides only water,” she explains.

Mushroom growing does not need a large space. 

She says, “Even space as small as a bathroom can suffice and the waiting period is not long. Oyster mushrooms take three weeks to grow and are ready for harvest in the fourth week. So, if you purchase the bed at three weeks, you tend for only one week and start reaping,” she says. 

“With capital as low as sh300,000 one can start the business and grow the capital fast.”

One can grow mushrooms for home consumption too because they have many health benefits like boosting immunity, regulating blood sugar, stabilising blood pressure and boosting growth in children.

There is also value addition to mushrooms like producing flour, wine and skincare products.

Nabbosa reveals that Oyster mushroom is the most commonly grown but there are other sike button mushrooms though the weather in Uganda is not conducive for its growth.

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