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Women In Agriculture Tipped On Use Of Technology

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Edward Anyoli

The women in agriculture have been tipped to adopt technology and modern farming practices in order to ensure quantity and durability of products.

Ephrance Tumuboine, the Assistant Commissioner Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries said equipping women with the necessary information, will strengthen their capacity and subsequently the society will also benefit other societies.

“Women remain the majority in the agricultural sector and this means that we need to equip them with information, technology and confidence to strengthen their capacities in order to benefit them and their families better,”Tumuboine said.

Speaking, at the URA women’s conference in Mbarara on March9, Tumuboine said there are a number of women in Uganda supporting their families agriculture.

The URA women’s conference is celebrated annually in recognition of the role women play in the development of Uganda.

This year’s event was celebrated under the theme “leveraging innovation and technology to foster business growth foe women in agriculture” and it sought to educate women agricultural entrepreneurs on how to incorporate technology to grow their businesses

Tumuboine noted that social norms impede women from participating in formal agricultural value chains. She clarified that government is mitigating this by developing programmes that are inclusive.

Tumuboine said  the Parish Development Model(PDM) that requires every enterprise leadership to have not less than two female leaders out of the elected five.

According Tumuboine, women can be involved into technology through mentorship, upskilling and educating tech leaders on the benefits of diversity in the workforce.

URA Patience Rubagumya, the Commissioner Legal Services and Board Affairs at URA advised the participants to formalise their businesses to improve their prospects of doing business with government, access to incentives, financial services and also expand Uganda’s revenue sources.

Rubagumya also tipped women on URA’s business enabling tools like the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System which provides a digital business trail and enables taxpayers easily track refunds, and the digital tax stamps.

Digital tax is a marking that is applied to goods or their packing and contains security features and codes to prevent counterfeiting.

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