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Women, Children Conservationists Share Gardening Benefits 

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Ritah Mukasa

For years, Momo Amelia Masiko lived a stressful life. She did business and engaged in several activities hoping to find happiness in vain. It was not until she started gardening and conserving the environment that she felt good. 

With time, she realized that was her purpose on earth. She now mentors people and inspires communities to embrace gardening and fight littering such that they live in clean environments. 

She also sells plants and rents out her garden for photoshoots and small parties.

To Masiko, God creates people for a purpose but it’s up to every individual to discover and fulfil their purpose on earth.

Last weekend, she hosted a group of 30 women and children who are gardeners and nature lovers. They belong to Titus 2 women, a mentorship group that strives to impact families, especially women and children to live purposeful lives. They do mentorships, counselling, prayer sessions and fellowships where they discuss issues that affect individuals and families.  

They prayed for the children to continue along the right way of conserving nature. Photos by Ritah Mukasa

Beatrice Akello Omonuk their head says, every month they have a theme and in May they are exploring the benefits of gardening and environmental conservation.

She says, many studies confirm that gardens and green spaces improve people’s physical, social and mental health. 

“Gardening also nourishes the soul and it earns you money from the confines of your home. We should all embrace it,” she says.

“Whenever I see a beautiful garden, I visualize heaven because that is how it is described,” she adds.

Among the group was Celine Nabbale Kalabo, a year five pupil of Aspen Junior School who is an ardent gardener. She came along with members of her school gardening club and shared how she offers them free gardening sessions.

Meanwhile, Akello thanked Masiko for opening her beautiful garden to people.

In the same vein, Evelyn Okot, another member encouraged people to have gardens even if they are renting. 

“I lost out on many years because I wanted to first own a home then have a garden little knowing I could have a beautiful garden in a rental,” she says.

She also urged parents to engage children in gardening instead of buying them expensive toys and giving them several hours of screen time.

The environment is our responsibility 

The way humans destroy the environment irks Masiko so much that she wonders whether people acknowledge the fact that protecting nature is everyone’s responsibility.

“The destruction in Gaza, Ukraine, Somalia and Sudan reduces me to tears. Let alone the garbage strewn in homes and on the streets in our country,” she adds. 

Many animals live in cleaner environments according to Masiko and it surprises her that people pay to go and see them but they don’t copy what they see.

“We are supposed to take care of God’s creation not destroy it. Conserve the forests, rivers and lakes. Also, clean your communities,” she says.

Nature and a good environment improve wellness and caring for plants teaches one to care for themselves, and be patient and generous. 

“Nature gives us clean air, and food and is therapeutic. It cools you down from anxiety and stress and brings people together to be creative and purposeful,” she says.

To Masiko, life is meaningless without nature.

LEAD PHOTO CAPTION: Momo Amelia Masiko (third from left) with the children gardeners.

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