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Why You Should Have Cayenne Pepper Plant In Your Home

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Staying healthy should not be hard. It should also not cost an arm and leg. However, you can have one plant and it changes the course of you wellbeing. Cayenne pepper is one of them.

If you do not have a garden, you can grow it in the confines of your home. This can be placed in a compound, sack or pot.

The advantage with cayenne pepper is that you do not have to be with several of them; one plant can do for you.

Prof. David Ssali, a naturopathic doctor with Dama Medicine Herbs, Kampala, says cayenne pepper contains food nutrients such as vitamins A, E, C. K and B6, B3 and manganese.

Prof. Ssali explains that the spice is four-to-six times greater in vitamin C content than oranges.

Apart from that, he urges that cayenne pepper promotes the flow of blood in the body.

“It helps to make stronger the heart, arteries, capillaries and nerves so that they can have elasticity,” he reveals.

Furthermore, cayenne helps in the thinning of blood clots, lowering high cholesterol and preventing heart diseases.

The herb is also good for the elderly in the treatment of painful muscles, stiffened joints and relaxation of the body. For inadequate minor circulation, resulting to cold hands and feet.

Prof. Ssali says cayenne can also be used for general weaknesses and for warding off colds.

Dr John Etolu, the in-charge of the COVID-19 Unit in Soroti district, says when you mix cayenne with oranges and lemon, the concoction can help fight off common colds like flu and cough.

“These mixtures can be taken as juice or in hot water four times a day,” he says.

Prof. Ssali reveals that when you take this product, it does not allow any mucus to accumulate in your lungs.

“It heats you a little bit and then it gives you bromelain enzyme such that your body can fight any virus,” he says.

So, if you are thinking of having a useful spice at home, cayenne pepper should be one of them.

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