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Why You Should Have A Water Source On The Farm

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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 By Jovita Mirembe

Before a farmer sets up a farm, in most cases they first make sure that there is access to water in that place.

Purity Mbae Musyoka, the operation manager and one of the proprietors of Mashambani Diary Goat farm located in Banga village, Mpata sub-county in Mukono District says that one cannot run a farm without a source of water around.

She says that water helps the plants to well and without it, they cannot carry out photosynthesis. This process allows them to produce the vigour they need to grow and bear fruit.

Mbae says that for the animals, water keeps them healthy, helps them produce plenty of milk and adds kilos to the meat-producing animals.

Purity Mbae Musyoka said having a water source at the farm helps maintain hygiene at the farm. Photos by Jovita Mirembe

 ‘‘In line with this, I, therefore, decided to dig a borehole on my 67 acres of land on which I grow fruits, matooke, beans, maize, sweet potatoes, rear goats, cattle, and birds. I connected the borehole to water tanks on the farm which pump water to the taps that are in the farm. I did this because I use this water for irrigation, especially during the dry

season,’’ Mbae said.

She said that water is also used to mix fertilizers and pesticides.

“Easy access to water will not only help crops grow well but also help maintain hygiene at the farm. Since water is available, caretakers will always keep animal shelters clean and also crops watered,” she explains.

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