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Why You Should Castrate Pigs

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A castrated male pig grows faster. 

It does not carry the unpleasant smell (olusu) which is common in uncastrated pigs and it is a put-off for pork buyers. Its meat quality is less fatty, heavy and good for the consumer. 

This is the castration method for one person using a surgical knife

-Hold the piglet by both hind legs with its head down.

-Using the thumb, pushup on both testicles. 

-Make an incision through the skin of the scrotum over each testicle in the direction of the tail.

-Be sure the incision is made low on the scrotal sac to allow for fluid drainage.

-It does not matter when you cut through the white membrane of each testicle or not.

-Pop the testicles through each incision and pull on them slightly.

-Pull each testicle out while pressing your thumb against the piglet pelvis.

-Thumb pressure on the pelvis is important to ensure that the testicular cord breaks off at the point of your thumb rather than deep inside the body which may promote the development of a hernia.

-If necessary the testicles may be cut free of the cord using a scraping motion.

-Cut away any cord or connective tissues protruding from the incision and spray the wound with antiseptic or put wood ash locally. This can be done by all pig farmers when they have the right procedure to follow.

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