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Why You Must Avoid Counterfeits

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The composition of counterfeit herbicides is compromised and cannot effectively control weeds, leading to resistance which will translate into higher costs of production.

When a herbicide with less chemical concentration is sprayed on the weeds, they get used to the small amounts of the chemical.

In the process, they build resistance, so that to eliminate them, a farmer has to spend a lot of money buying more chemicals for the concentration to be enough to weaken the weeds. The farmer would rather spend once on a genuine product.

Other dangers of using fake agro chemicals on the farm

If the chemicals are poorly used, they result in health complications. Some chemicals affect the skin because many farmers do not wear protective gear like overalls, nose and mouth masks and gloves needed when spraying.

Also some farmers do not know how to dispose of the used cans. The cans are later picked up by children or used for storing food stuffs and water, a report from Cabi International, that developed a guide for farmers on how to protect themselves when handling any form or chemicals, states.

This leads to intake of chemicals, which are deadly.

How to identify fake products

The seal should be clear and not tampered with. Labels should be in clear and legible words.

It should have active phone numbers for both the manufacture and agro dealer.

Farmers who cannot read ably should seek the assistance of the district agriculture officers or extension workers near them for advice

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