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Why Hass Avocado

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Rosemary Tukundane

For centuries avocados were grown for food and medicinal purposes until 2013 when farmers exported just above four tones of avocado. The industry has since exploded, reaching a record high of 469 tones in 2020 according to figure from the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database.

Robert Mugambwa the managing director Nilecado farm said that Hass Avocado is the green gold of Uganda with high nutrition and oil content compared to our local varieties.

He added that a tone of Hass gives more than 23% oil content and it’s the new crop in the context of nutrition and money making.

Robert continued that Hass is the only crop that you can grow now and benefits your children and grand children making it a magnificent crop.

‘’All commercial, fruit bearing Hass avocado trees have been grafted seedlings from avocado local varieties, this produces the creamy, nutritious super fruit that is favorite around the world because of producing more and heavy fruits that bring in more money to the farmers’’, he added

 Unlike other introduced crops Hass can be grown in all parts of the country with sand loamy soils and favorable climate.

Hass is the best retirement plan for most people in offices because it can produce more than your monthly salary.

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