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Why Farmers Must Have A Bio-safety Plan

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

One of the biggest challenges that farmers face during the rainy season are diseases.

Pigs are attacked by swine fever while foot-and-mouth still ravages through the cattle corridor.

Chicken are attacked by Newcastle disease while goats too are at risk.

Because of diseases, many farmers are either pushed out of business or have to reduce production. In livestock, diseases can only be controlled if two things are done properly.

The first is a strict bio-safety plan at the farm and the second is vaccination against common viral diseases. Effective bio-security may cost you, however, it in the long run saves you from the big costs on treatment when your stock is infected.

For example, you need a perimeter wall to prevent entry of unauthorised persons and animals.

You need to buy disinfectants, construct bathrooms for visitors to shower before accessing the animals, buying farm attire for both workers and visitors.

A farmer can vaccinate their livestock against disease like Newcastle as well as foot-and-mouth. Make sure it is done on time, especially at the beginning of the year. Set the vaccination schedule and follow it.

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