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Why De-beaking Is Essential In Layers

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De-beaking is an important activity among layers. Research shows that if chickens are not de-beaked, up to 30% of the flock could be pecked to death. It is mostly done to prevent birds from injuring each other and eating eggs.

Importance of de-beaking birds

It is important for not only feed but also water intake. Restricted food and water through the beak reduces maximum production among birds.

When should you de-beak the birds?

It should only be performed in one-day old chicks with proper equipment to minimise pain, excessive bleeding and infection to promote quick recovery. The younger the bird, the less the damage.

This should be done by a skilled professional.

Dr Mukama Geoffery from Kouijs Nutrition BV, advises chicken farmers not to de-beak birds already in production as it causes a high drop in production.

A farmer can also put stones in the laying boxes for the layers to ‘de-beak’ themselves. The stones help remove the upper part of the beak.

How to notice pain and stress among birds after de-beaking?

Reduction in feed and water intake shows signs of stress among birds.

It takes long for the chickens to gain body weight.

Options of de-beaking

  • Buy already de-beaked chicks
  • Use a hot knife or machine
  • Sunstones on the floor for birds to bite and de-beak themselves.

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