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Why A Ginger Plant Is Great For Your Home

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There are plants which you cannot afford to miss in your home.  This is especially true with the ginger herb or spice. The ginger plant has spear like green leaves and its roots grows down wards into the soil.  After 10 months, the roots are ready for harvesting and you can use them in any of your delicacies.

Health benefits of ginger

There are several benefits of ginger. That is why it is imperative to have it in your home.

Dr David Ssali, a naturopathic and nutritionist at Dama Medical Herbs in Kampala, says ginger is helpful in prevention of nausea and common colds. Studies have shown that ginger can be very good in treating of morning sickness especially in pregnant women.

Besides that, ginger relieves   tooth ache, catarrh and sinusitis.

Dr Grace Nambatya Kyeyune, the Director of Research at Natural Chemotherapeutic Research Institute, Wandegeya, says ginger is also used in the control of cough and vomiting when its juice is freshly taken.

“It’s effective as an antibacterial when given in combination with garlic, honey, and lemon juice,” she attests.

Due its hot nature, Nambatya cautions that ginger should be taken in controlled amounts. This is to avoid adverse reactions especially in individuals with gastric ulcers.

How to grow ginger

Get your desired place like a pot or garden. Mix your soil with manure and then put in the place where you want to plant. Get a ginger root, place it in the pot and cover it properly with the soil.

Experts recommend water the ginger plant once a week on its roots. It is should preferably be planted in the place where there is less sunshine for proper growth.

After a week or two, you will begin to see the plant spouting up.

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