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Why A Bit Of Dairy Products Isn’t That Bad!

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There are certain foods that people have not been able to completely do away with. Some of these foods are dairy products.

Quite interestingly, people have had themselves believe those dairy products are for those who are in a bid to put on weight or for the children, who still crave the sweet tasting products.

Even though not so many people will admit to the rather constantly demand to yearn for milk and dairy products, it still surpasses other foods.

Dairy products include milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, butter, shakes and creams. 

Dr Hassan Mayanja, a physician, says researchers have realised that children who do not consume dairy products seem to be at much greater risk of becoming overweight than those who take dairy products.

This seems to indicate that a child should not avoid dairy products to cut calories if the aim is to stay or become slim. 

Dairy products, despite their fat content, have an assortment of health benefits.

Eric Masaba, a dairy cattle farmer in Kapchorwa, says because of Uganda’s opulent and vast inherence in grass and vegetation, it can acquire a splendid amount of milk for the production of dairy products.

“Uganda has the potential for good milk because of its good organic environment and that is why the dairy industry is growing at a high rate,” Masaba says.

He also says the paramount dairies specialise in the production of delicious, enriching and healthy cheese that is toxic-free and rich in calcium, a variety of healthy proteins and vitamins.

“We produce a variety of cheese including Gouda, Edam, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Colby, Jack, St Marcellin, Feat and Cream cheese (assorted flavours).

Paramount also produces a selection of creams; double, whipping, fresh, thick sour and plain sour for our young and even old public from our skillfully filtered and pasteurised milk that consume them in large portions,” he says.

Some people even eat them the way they are without having to add them to anything,” Masaba explains.

He adds that the longer the cheese is stored (at room temperature 15oC), the finer it will taste and all their cheese come in varying sizes ranging from half a kilogramme to 6kg in block and round shapes.

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