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Where To Find Market For Chicken

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Many farmers have reared poultry successfully, but still face challenges with getting market for their birds. Below are insights of where a farmer can look to sell his mature birds;

Informal markets

These markets are predominantly found in a typical rural setting. This type of marketing is driven by the need to get income to settle for a one-off financial need. A farmer can, for example, sell chicken by the roadside.

Primary market

This is where farmers from neighboring areas gather at a common trading center to sell their produce. Often, trading is done in the open on gazette days of the week.

However, this type of market would not have any meaningful link with a commercial trader, except through out-growers, who may sell their chicken at local markets for quick financial gain.

Secondary markets

These markets lack proper weighing and loading facilities. The markets are situated in Kampala where traders often come with truckloads of chicken.

Chicken are sold according to size, age, and appearance through negotiation between the seller and buyers. Previously, chicken coming from these markets was the traditional source of commercial chicken for urban consumers until the arrival of dresses chicken.

These markets still serve the largest share of urban consumers although there is now a significant rise in the number of customers whose prefer local chicken.

Secondary markets continue to be the main source of chicken for festive seasons like Christmas, Easter and Idd when bulk purchases are made.

It is also observed that a significant proportion of the chicken meat consumed at functions such as weddings and anniversary celebrations come from these markets.

In this market, however, dressed chicken has a competitive edge because it is perceived as high quality.

Another advantage is that since shopping habits are shifting towards buying groceries from supermarkets, dressed chicken can be packed in such an appealing way that consumers are enticed to it.

Urban markets

These are in large towns and cities. They are situated in designated areas where make-shift stalls are erected.

Suppliers to such markets are often traders who buy chicken from the primary and secondary markets and distribute it to urban trading centers, hotel, and restaurants.

Before the advent of dressed chicken in the market, consumption of chicken was mainly catered to by the urban market traders, but their chicken lacked consistency with regard to availability, quality, and price. Today, however, dressed chicken is popular among the urban elite.

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