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When Should One De-worm Animals?

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If you are starting a programme to control worms you will need to treat all the young grazing animals.

You should de-worm young animals at the beginning of the wet season.

Treat sheep and goats under two years old and cattle under three years old (adult cattle do not usually need de-worming). This will stop them from getting sick. It will stop worm eggs coming out in their dung onto the pasture.

Treat them again at the end of the wet season. This will reduce the number of worm larvae inside the animal in the dry season that follows.

In the dry season, animals may have little to eat. They can only suffer from worms if they are infected with many worm larvae.
In places where it is wet for much of the year and there are many worms, you may need to treat the animals several times.

Treat new animals that come to join the herd as soon as they arrive.

Some farmers give their animals salt or take them to salty pastures at least once a year to help reduce the number of worms. This however is not as effective as using chemical de-wormers.

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