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When A Cow Fails Go On Heat

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Umar Nsubuga

Alex Senoga, a resident of Matugga in Wakiso, is worried about his cow which produced a calf which is now six months.

Peter Mubiru a veterinary doctor says failure of a cow to go on heat is called anestrus.

“Six months is definitely too long, a diary cow should go on heat at least twice within two months after delivering”, he explains.

He says it should be pregnant again by two or three months after delivering. The failure of a cow to go on heat delays the production of the next calf.

According to Mubiru either the cow is really not going on heat, or you are failing to detect the heat. Some farmers experience both problems.

Muhammad Kiyemba another veterinary doctor says a cow can fail to come on heat when the ovary is not functioning properly.

He says possible causes include infections, poor feeding, or hormonal problems. Infection of the reproductive system most often results from difficult delivery or failure of the placenta to drop off soon after birth.

Kiyemba says a farmer can fail to detect heat if the signs are not prominent or if they do not spend sufficient time observing the cows or they do not know the heat signs.

According to Kiyemba a farmer or herdsman should spend 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the evening observing cows for heat signs.

Most cases of anestrus can be corrected. In order to solve the problem, the cause has to be determined.

Kiyemba says as a farmer you need to call veterinarian to examine your cow. “By putting his hand into the rectum and feeling the ovary through the rectal walls, a veterinarian can detect the status of the ovary and prescribe a solution.

What to do

-Get a veterinarian to examine your cow

-Familiarise yourself with heat signs and begin observing the cow twice daily.

-Cross check the diet of the cow and improve where necessary.

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