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What You Need To Know Before Venturing Into Tomato Growing

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Tomatoes are a delicacy that is used in cooking almost all kinds of food.  They are usually referred to as enyanya in Luganda.

Because of its high demand on the market, many people like growing them, but experts say that before one ventures into tomato growing, it is important that they get to know how to grow the vegetable.

Margrete Katono, an urban farmer says that tomato growing can be successful if the farmer does things right and these are;

Identify the different varieties of tomatoes
Katono notes that there are different tomato varieties on the market like money maker, bony best, Marglobe and Tengeru among others.

A farmer explains how tomaotes are planted

She says after identifying the several varieties on the market, one has to research and find out which variety would work best for them.

Invest in genuine seeds
Katono adds that even after knowing the right variety, one should go ahead and invest in genuine seeds to ensure that he or she gets good yields.

Understand best tomato growing practices
Maureen Nakabugo at Mona farm says that for any vegetable or crop to do well, the farmer must practice best farming practices.

These include soil preparation by adding manure, planting seeds in a nursery bed for at least 3-4 weeks before transplanting them to the main garden.

Nakabugo adds that another thing that is important is weeding the garden and also spraying against pests and diseases.Watering the tomato garden is another aspect that should be for good yields.

Katono says that with best farming practice, one can earn a living through investing in tomato farming.
She adds that tomatoes can be planted anywhere as long as the soils are fertile enough to allow proper growth.

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