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What You Need To Know About Greenhouse Farming

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COVID-19 left many jobless; many Ugandans have opted to practice farming to ensure food sustainability in their homes.

Denis Kakoza, a resident of Nabuta village Mukono district, wants to invest in green house farming in his backyard but he does not know how to start.

He wonders if he can have a greenhouse installed in his backyard so that he can grow food in it. He is not alone. James Wasswa is another person interested in green house farming, but he does not know how to start.

What is greenhouse farming?
Greenhouse farming is described as a process of growing crops in a controlled environment. Here the amount of sunlight, water and exposure of crops to other weather conditions is controlled,” Joy Nabirye a greenhouse expert at task farm says.

She says greenhouse farming is possible anywhere. It can be installed in the backyard or in a field to enable growth of plants in a controlled manner.

She notes that  there are different types of green houses. A metallic green house and a wooden green house. Each type has a different cost, she adds.

What to plant in a greenhouse
Lawrence Wangechi a greenhouse farmer notes that any crop can be planted in a greenhouse although currently fruits and vegetables are the most preferred.

He says greenhouse farming is good because crops grow under controlled weather conditions. The soil is prepared in a special way to allow proper crop growth in a greenhouse.

He adds that the other advantage is that the yields of greenhouse farming are of high value compared to those planted in open field.

Wangechi says since crops grow under controlled conditions, crops retain their colors, nutrients are never lost hence them being valued highly.

How to take care of crops in a greenhouse
Margaret Katono, a farmer, notes that it is important to prune, spray, and water crops. All these are done in a moderate way. 

She says during the dry season the plants will need more water so ensure that there is enough water supply in the green house for proper crop growth.

“While spraying, observe the pre-harvest rules. All these rules are indicated on the spraying chemical. Read them and observe them,” he advises.

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