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  What To Look Out For When Buying A Dairy Cattle 

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Finding the right dairy breeds can be challenging. You must study the market and competitor research to understand what breeds are already in the area and how profitable they are by farm size. 

You can narrow your options and make the best decision when selecting the breeds for your dairy farm by talking to a veterinarian and other experts in your area.

  • Always buy disease-free animals, and keep them isolated from other animals during transportation to your farm. Quarantining new arrivals (and animals that fall sick) is recommended, especially if they do not have trustworthy, recent health records. Your local government or veterinary officer can give you specific advice about diseases in your area. Remember that no farmer will sell his/her good cow/heifer. Many farmers sell animals that have problems.
  • Buy animals with proper records.

Compiled by Dr Jolly Kabirizi    

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