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What To Look For When Buying Napier Grass Cuttings

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By Agnes Nantambi

Dr. Jolly Kabirizi advises that farmers should be careful when buying Napier grass.

“You have to ensure that you are buying the right Napier grass variety because some farmers mix cuttings of Kakamega 1 or 2 with Pakchong 1 Super Napier,” he says.

Many farmers he says sell half a sack of Napier grass cuttings at shs 30,000 yet a full sac of cuttings should contain at least 320 cuttings depending on the variety.

He noted that many Napier grass varieties are susceptible to Napier stunt disease which results in a decline in herbage biomass yield by over 90 percent during the dry season advising that one has to Make sure to buy Napier grass cuttings from disease free fields.

“Manage your napier grass fields using recommended agronomic practices noting that feed accounts for over 60% of the total cost of production in a profitable livestock enterprise, “he said

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