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What Must I Consider When Planting Maize?

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato 

-Prepare holes at a spacing of 75cmx60cm (2.5feetx2feet). Apply farm yard manure if you have it or inorganic fertilizers like DAP or NPK at a rate of 50kgs per acre. 50kgs of DAP cost between sh150,000-sh180,000. 

Apply one full soda bottle cap in each hole and cover. DAP/NPK helps in root formation and improving yields. You need 10kgs for each acre. With a kilogram of hybrids like Longe10H going for sh9000, this means that you spend sh90,000 for each acre on seeds alone. 

-Carry out the first weeding two weeks after planting. After three weeks, top dress with UREA/CAN, at 50kgs per acre. You spread the fertilizer within the rows of the crops. UREA, which contains nitrogen increases crop health and yields.

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