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What Greens Should One Give To Chickens?

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Greens are supplements to the main feeds. They, among other benefits, offer iron and roughage to the chicken.

They help improve digestion and offer medicinal elements against simple ailments such as coughs. There are several greens that can be fed to poultry.

These include omululunza (vermonia amygdalina), a bitter shrub that is common in Uganda, sere (blackjack), also common in plantations in Uganda, kafumbe, doodo, cabbage leaves, akabombo, ebbombo, pawpaw leaves and kisanda.

All these can be got from your farm. If you have enough greens, give them to your chicks at least twice a week. However, do not feed the following leaves to poultry because they are poisonous; amaduudu, kayongo, fresh cassava leaves, fresh sweet potato leaves, tobacco leaves, ssettala, sunflower leaves, Irish potato leaves, tomato leaves, kawunyira and essunsa.

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