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What Are The Common Maize Varieties? 

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

In addition to the old Longe maize series, there are two new varieties of yellow maize (Vitamo 40 and 50) and another three white maize varieties that are drought tolerant, including SC301, SC513 and SC403. 

The common varieties include; VP-max, Bazooka, plus the old varieties like Longe10H, Wanak, Kayongo-Go and Longe5 (Nalongo).  

Victoria Seeds exhibited varieties like Yara 41,42, We2106, Longe 4 (OPV), Victoria 2, Hybrid 6H and 2H, the Open Pollinated Variety (OPV) Longe 5, the H series, in addition to the DK and DH varieties. 

These can be got from various agro-input shops around town. 

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