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What Affects Egg Laying?

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Vision Reporter

The nature of the bird and how it is managed can deliver sizeable eggs and in profitable numbers. The genetic makeup of the bird is the number one limiting factor for egg production.

It dictates the limitation beyond which your layers cannot perform. As a layer farmer, your duty is to buy day-old chicks from a reputable supplier.

A good supplier should have an address where you can go back and complain about the quality of the chicks and get redress.


A farmer should know that having a good quality bird will not guarantee results. Famers must put emphasis on nutrition and the environment in which the birds are raised.

Proper nutrition involves availing the birds with good quality feeds and water. The target in feeding a laying bird is to ensure that it lays an egg every day.

Therefore, the feeds should meet the standard requirements. The feeds must give the bird a good balance of energy, protein and minerals. Such values can be found in recipes such as maize, maize bran, fish and soya bean.

Feeds given to birds should be light, in the appropriate texture, free of bad smell, toxin agents and germ contamination. Water on the other side must be provided along with the feeds at all times and the water should be clean.

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