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Weather Forecast: Moderate Rain Expected

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For the third consecutive week, Uganda is expecting moderate rainfall (50-200mm) expected over western and southern Ethiopia, northern Somalia, and south-western Uganda, according to ICPAC. 

ICPAC is the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre, which formally joined REAP (the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership), a global initiative that brings together key actors across the climate, humanitarian and development sectors. 

One millimeter of rainfall is equivalent to one liter of water per square kilometre.   

Also, light rain (less than 50mm) is expected over southern Sudan, most parts of South Sudan, and central to northwestern Uganda. In addition, dry conditions are expected over most parts of eastern Uganda in the coming week. 


Moderate temperatures (20 – 32 ℃) are expected over most parts of central to northern Uganda. 

Cold conditions (less than 20℃) are expected in southern Uganda, according to ICPAC’s weather forecast.

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