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Water Bottles Make Good Planters

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If you are looking for easy ways to pot your plants, consider recycling those big mineral water bottles.

Charles Lukooya, a gardening trainer with CIDI Institute of Gardening and Landscaping, says these days, many water bottles are dumped. Some end up clogging the water channels.

“Collect them and turn them into gardens. They are durable and easy to maintain,” he advises.

They help those in tight spaces to grow food.

For example, Betty Nankabirwa, a backyard gardener in Gaba, suburb of Kampala uses recycled materials in her garden including water bottles, tyres, plastic containers and sacks.

She says, the bottles are light and easy to recycle.

“I used to buy each at sh1,000 but of late, I get pick them from rubbish pits and recycle them,” she says.

Nankabirwa adds that she first cleans them. After, she cuts off the upper part and drills holes in the bottom part with a hot nail before filling it with planting soil. The holes help with drainage.

According to Lukooya, both parts can be used; the upper and lower.

“Use them to grow flowers, vegetables, fruits and spices,” he says.

You can grow onions, tomatoes, spinach, Sukuma wiki, berries, mints, rosemary and kale, among others.

The hanging water bottles in Nankabirwa’s garden. Story and photos filed by Ritah Mukasa

However, Nankabirwa paints some of her containers to make them stronger and colourful.

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