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Washing The Best Way To Preserve Coffee

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The washing process

Freshly harvested coffee is sorted for ripeness and the fruit is removed within 24 hours of harvest so the seeds can be dried. The removal of the layers is called de-pulping.

 Ashim Abdallar, a coffee farmer and producer from Kabarole district, says washing coffee is the easiest and commonly way of post-harvest handling that includes dry and wet processing.

Many large-scale coffee farmers and producers choose the washed process because when properly done, it reduces the risk of defects and it is a more stable way to process coffee.

This consists of washing and fermentation. During this process, the pulp that is left on the beans will become softer and the pulp be rinsed off. As of now, this method of processing is used more frequently since it prevents damage to the beans. When the processing is done, the beans are sorted.

Process of washing coffee

  1. Red and ready cherry seeds are selected because green seeds make sour products.
  2. This is done within 24 hours when the seeds are still fresh.
  3. Seeds are put in to water and husks are plucked off, this is called de-pulping.
  4. Dried under sunshine and kept or processed into powder called coffee powder.

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