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Urban Farming Using Sacks

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Joshua kato

Harriet Nakabale, an urban farmer from Kawaala, sack farming is one of the easiest ways through which urban farmers can practice farming. She says that a farm gets seedlings of vegetables for example cabbages and plant them in the holes on the sides of the sack and keep on watering it.  Sacks range from 25kgs to 100kgs. In three months’ time, you will start harvesting your cabbages. “You can place the sack in any empty space in your compound or on your veranda,” she says.  

The sack is then watered regularly with natural water to help the vegetables blossom.  

“Avoid using piped treated water because it has chlorine which is not so good for plants. If you are to use it, do not pour it on the plants directly because it carries chlorine, a chemical that is not so good for crops,” she says. She advises that you pour the water on the soil and not on the leaves. You can harvest rain water as an alternative.  

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