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Ugandan Chef Wins Pacesetters Award

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Jovita Mirembe

Geofrey Tumukunde, a Ugandan professional chef, has won the pacesetters award 2023.

The competition which had participants from three East African Countries including Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, saw Tumukunde being the sole nominee in the pacesetters award ( innovators award).

During an interview with The New Vision on 16 April, Tumukunde said that several factors contributed to his success as the winner of the best chef.

He said that cooking which is professionally known as the culinary arts, is the science and craft of using heat to make food more edible, consumable, healthy and safe.

Tumukunde said that his skill and expertise which included demonstrating exceptional culinary skills that he has done for 15 years in culinary arts, were crucial.

“The judges assessed my ability to create innovative dishes, and ingredients creatively, and execute cooking techniques with precision,” Tumukunde said.

The president of the Ugandan Professional Chef Union, Andrew Alikuluya, said that ⁠consistency in delivering high-quality dishes over time is essential in the culinary world. 

Alikuluya said that making a positive impact beyond the kitchen was significant during the judgment and the combination of talent, hard work and dedication to the culinary craft.

He added that Tumukunde’s journey is a remarkable example of where passion, education, and experience can lead.

“Tumukunde’s contributions not only enhance the reputation of the Uganda Professional Chefs Union but also elevate the culinary standards within the Western Region and beyond. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring chefs everywhere, demonstrating that with passion, perseverance, and dedication, the culinary world is ripe with opportunities for innovation and acclaim,” he explains.

The function took place at Serena Hotel Tanzania Dare Salam, recently (15 December 2023).

LEAD PHOTO CAPTION: Geofrey Tumukunde holding his plaque and certificate that he won. Courtesy photo

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