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Tips On Maintaining A Mixed Farm

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Mixed farming is when a farmer rears animals and grows crops on the same land. In Uganda, most farmers practise mixed farming. However, maintaining all the enterprises effectively is a challenge. This is why many times, one enterprise performs better than another.
·  The advantage of mixed farming is that various enterprises complement each other. For example, bees can use the maize flowers to produce honey, while cow dung can be used as organic manure for the crops. So, the benefits of mixed farming are more than just making money.
·  If the system is not well-planned, a farmer could lose his enterprises. It is, therefore, necessary that one gauges their abilities first. This includes the labourforce and financial resources.
·  You may have to increase the number of workers every time you introduce a new enterprise. You also have to put more money aside every time you start a project.
·  New enterprises have to be introduced gradually. After ascertaining that one project is doing well, you can then start another one.
·  Avoid introducing enterprises that may affect the existing ones. For example, if you are to introduce eucalyptus trees, make sure you plant them far away from other crops because they drain water and nutrients from the soil.
·  Avoid employing one worker to tend to all the projects to minimise the danger of spreading infections as the worker monitors the projects.
·  Make sure you keep records for each enterprise.

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