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Tips On How To Operate A Nursery Bed

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Operating a nursery is a good business venture as farmers are always on the look out for quality planting materials (seedlings). However, to get the best of it, experts guide on a few things one must do right as explained below;

  • Get parent stock from a well-established nursery owned by an experienced operator.
  • To acquire seeds, try the national seed centre at Namanve. They are the most reliable source of seeds in the country, especially for trees.
  • Nurseries survive on a strong customer base. Make sure your customers have their needs met. If what they want is not in stock, help them look for it. They will appreciate that extra effort.
  • Learn the names of all the plants in your nursery. Your clients will need as much information as possible before taking the plants home.
  • Supplement your income from plant sales by diversifying into selling concrete cast pots, clay pots and other items used in landscaping.
  • The nursery should be neat all the time. The plants should be well-arranged and the tools put away after use.

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