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Tips On How To Maintain An Apiary Site, Hives   

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

Apiary can be practised from anywhere in any space. In Uganda, the apiary is practised across the country including the East, West, North and Central regions. 

For a starter, all you need are 10 beehives. Depending on where you get them, this can cost you at least sh1m for KTB or sh2m for the Langstroth.  

Local hives cost much less. If you do not have enough space, you can set up stands with each taking three or four hives. For the 10 hives, it means that you need only three stands. To construct these wooden stands, you need to spend less than sh100,000. 

Maintaining the apiary site and hives

Keep the trees for the shade well-trimmed to reduce incidences of pests. Do not let grass overgrow the hives because this attracts pests.

Carry monthly checks on the hives to look out for infiltration by insects. If a hive is infected by other elements, for example, bee beetles or termites, you need to decolonize and clean it.

If there is not enough water or flowering plants, establish water mixed with sugar in small containers not far from the apiary unit.

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