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Tips On How To Keep Goats Healthy

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Do not keep goats in dirty kraals. Cleaning must be done at least once every two days.

Ensure goats get good and adequate nutritious feeds for good grazing. You can either plant it or source the grass.

Do not overcrowd them because this stresses them.

Vaccination must be done every six months.

Allow kids to suckle as much as possible, especially in the few days after birth. If an extensive grazing system is used, keep the does and kids together at night.

Do not buy goats unless they are free of disease. Healthy goats should be able to run around, respond to noise, have clean skin and pass solid round dung.

Castrate kids in the first month and, if possible, ear-tag them for identification, especially if there are many goats on the farm. Castration helps them gain weight faster because they concentrate on building the body rather than making kids.

Control ticks, mites and fleas by spraying using recommended chemicals. This is done at least every after three months.

Beware of any toxic plants and ensure that the kids, who are more susceptible, are not exposed to them.

Disinfect the navel soon after birth, with iodophor and ensure that the kids are nursed.

Deworm the kids at three to four weeks with an appropriate agent and repeat at three months depending on the housing conditions.

Vermectin is an excellent agent, but it is expensive. You may use other agents, such as fenbendazole.

Treat for coccidiosis at weaning or at two to three weeks using amprolium. If they are not available, use sulhamethazine or potentiated sulphonamids, such as norodine.

Potentiated sulphurs are expensive for routine use. Seek advice from a veterinary officer before application.

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