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Time To Guard Your Animals From Thieves

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

It is less than a month from the festive Christmas season. Many farmers have reared livestock successfully while others have food crops nearly ready.

However, many face the challenge of farm security. In the last few days, reports of livestock theft have increased. Some thieves have been arrested, but others have slipped away.

Security forces say incidences of farm theft, especially of livestock, increase towards the festive season. Cattle, goats and chicken are the most stolen animals while pigs are the least. Pigs have a security nature.

They know their owners and when a stranger approaches, especially at night, they make a lot of noise. This is puts off thieves. As Christmas approaches, you need to increase the security.

  • Employ a guard.
  • Screen every person who comes to buy livestock during this period. Some are spying for thieves.
  • Pick out the animals for sale, separate them from the main herd and put them near the entrance. This will stop people from walking around your kraal in the guise of looking at the animals for sale.
  • If a village has many livestock farmers, you can set up a livestock security committee with the assistance of local council leaders.
  • Mark all your animals in a unique way that will put off thieves.

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