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The Value Addition Potential In Mangoes

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Mangoes can be processed into juice and wine even at the smallholder level.

Requirements for wine making


-Clean saucepans and jerrycans (depends on volume)

-Bottles for packaging the wine – sh2,500 each


You first of all get ripened mangoes and peel them, you extract juice and pasteurize, then add yeast and after words ferment to complete. The process takes 3-4months.  Equipment used for small scale wine processing include clean saucepans and jerrycans, filter and bottlest. When you are through, you can seal the bottle and label. Also allow wine to mature further and when it is done, you can distribute to the users.

Lastly, allow wine to mature further and then distribute to the users. A litre of mango wine costs over sh25,000 onwards. The Uganda Industrial Research Institute holds incubator sessions for farmers who wish to add value to produce.

As the national level, the Government of Uganda has put in place fruit processing facilities to aid in value addition in the fruit subsector. An example of such factories is Yumbe Mango Processing factory which is a value addition initiative by the Government of Uganda through the NAADS Secretariat in partnership with Food and Nutrition Solutions Ltd (FONUS), Aringa Mango Farmers’ Cooperative Society and Uganda Development Corporation (UDC).

The 6-metric tonne per hour factory is designed based on the local mangoes grown in the West Nile region and a ready market for the farmers. The establishment of the factory is intended to put a stop to the exploitation of farmers by the middlemen who buy the mangoes cheaply. The factory is established in partnership with UDC under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC) which has built the capacity of the farmers under their umbrella association Aringa Mango Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

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