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The A-Z Of Bamboo Products; A Truly Untapped Resource

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· A: Activated charcoal, acupuncture needles, airplane wing members, alcohol, anchors, antenna supports, aphrodisiac, arbors, arrows and arrow tips, ashtrays and awnings.

· B: Baby carriages, bagpipes, barrels, baskets, beads, beanpoles, beds, beehives, bicycles, blinds, blowguns and darts, boards, boat hoods, boats, bolts, bookcases, bottles, bowls, bows , boxes, bracelets, bridges, brooms, brushes, brush pots, buckets, buttons.

· C: Cables, candlesticks, canes, carts, castanets catalyst (tabasheer), caulking, chairs, chisels, chopsticks, cigarette holders, clothes, clothe-racks, clubs, combs, cooking vessels, chicken coops, couches, cow bells, crates, cribs, crosses, crutches, cultures for bacteria, cups, curtains.

· D: Dams, defensive fortifications, deodorizers, desks, diesel fuel, dikes, dirigible, dolls, domes, dowel pins, dredge (fishing), drouges, dustpans.

· E: Egg cups.

· F: Fans, fences, fenders, fertiliser, firearms, fire starters, firewood, fishnets, fish poles, flagpoles, floats, flooring, flowerpots, flutes, flying art, food, forage, frames, fruit pickers, furniture.

· G: Gabions, games, garments, gates, grain, grain storage, graters, greenhouses, guns, gutters and gypsy vans.

· H: Hairpins, hampers, handles, hats, hay, helmets, hen houses, hinges, hoops, hookahs.

· I: Iceless coolers, incense sticks, insect cages, irrigation waterwheels and pipes.

· J: Jackets, jars, jewelry, joss sticks, junks

· K: Kiosk, kites.

· L: ladders, ladles, lampshades, landing docks, landscaping, lanterns, laundry poles.

· M: Markers, masts, matting, mattresses, medicines, mills, musical instruments, mahjong tiles.

· N: Nails, napkin rings, net floats, nets, needles.

· O: Organs, ornaments, outriggers, ox cart beds, ox goads, oyster cultivation.

· P: Packaging, paper cutters, paper pulp, pegs, pen and pencil holders, pins, pipes, plates, poles

· R: Racks, rafts, raincoats, rakes, rattles, rayon, record needles, reeds, rings, ritual objects, roofing, ropes, rug poles, rulers.

· S: Sailcovers, sails, sailstays, salt well drilling, sandals, scaffolding, scales, scarecrows, scoops, scratchers, screens, scrubbers, sedan chairs, shades, shavings, sheaths, shields, shingles, shoehorns, shoe soles, spears.

· T: Tables, tea strainers, tents, tiles, toys, trailers, transport, traps.

· U: Umbrellas.

· V: Valiha (musical instrument).

· W: Wagons, walking sticks, walls, water jugs, water pistols, water storage, waterwheels, waxes, weapons, weaving shuttles and looms, whips, whistles, wicks, windbreaks, windmills, wine storage, winnowing machines, writing brushes and pens

· X: Xylophones.

· Y: Yurts.

· Z: Zithers.

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