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Terego Community Hails UETCL For Initiating Tree Planting Project

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The community in Terego district have hailed Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) for initiating a robust tree planting project at Mountain Wati, Orinzi Village in Omugo sub county.

UETCL is implementing the project to re-plant Mountain Wati whose trees were cut down due to the enormous cutting down of trees that has changed the weather pattern of the area.

Terego district was known for its fertile soils, however, deforestation and tobacco growing has depleted the soils.

According to Dan Jackson Ojobia, they hope that with the tree planting the soils will regain their lost cover.

“Our soils have been depleted due to the cutting down of trees but also because our people grow tobacco on the soils,” he said.

He said they have not lost hope, especially with the UETCL tree planting project that they hope will conserve the environment.

He also said the project has provided job opportunities for the youth that dig the holes and plant the trees.

Saul Agotre, a resident of Orinzi Village said they have been genuinely employed and now can understand the tree species so that they can adopt their names and plant them in their communities.

“We will emulate this project and ensure that we plant trees in our homes so that we change the weather pattern of our area,” he said.

Ronald Bavule, a community supervisor, is hailing the government for implementing the project which will change the weather pattern, especially for the farmers who solely depend on agriculture for livelihood.

“At this time all we want now are the rains so that we can have adequate food but situations are hard at the moment.”

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