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Talking To Your Pigs Makes You Understand Them Better

by Joshua Kato
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Just like humans, pigs grow well and faster if they are pampered and shown affection by their owners. 

“You must not distance yourself from the pigs. They have love, they can be affectionate. They can communicate to us and just like dogs for example, they can be trained to respond to different situations,” Dr Emma Naluyima, a pig keeper commonly known as ‘Maama Pig’ says. 

She says pigs need massaging on the heads or stomach, as these simple practices help them reduce fear and stress.  

“Just like you have a relationship with the people you live with, you should also have a relationship with your pigs,” she says. 

Naluyima explains that you can only get this relationship if you communicate with the pigs. You can start this relationship by giving each of your pigs a name. If you enter the house and mention the name near the pig, it will gradually grasp it. Pigs reply through friendly gloating.

Naluyima explains that this relationship will help you easily realise that the pigs are sick or healthy. When you enter your pig house, they will come to you and report any situation that is not desirable, heavy squealing means that they are hungry, while deep gloating means that they are simply welcoming you, but they are okay. 

“For example, pigs will not make noise if they have eaten and are satisfied,” she says. This means that you should give them food.

The pigs will also loudly squeal if their shelters are dirty.

“Unknown to many farmers, pigs hate dirt, so this can make them make all kinds of noises to attract the attention of the owner,” she says.

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