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Sweet Potato Vines, Maize Stovers For Making Silage, Haylage

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Silage is grass or other green fodder such as sweet potato vines and maize plants that are cut into small pieces, wilted, compacted and stored under air-tight conditions (in a silo).

Haylage is made from dry plants such as maize stovers (dry leaves and stems) left in the field after harvesting dry maize cobs. Silage and haylage can be stored for more than 2 years under air-tight conditions. 

Dr Jolly Kabirizi, the director, Kyakuwa Farm in Seguku, Wakiso district, says the demand for silage and haylage is high among pig, rabbits, goats and dairy cattle farmers in Uganda.

She says sweet potato vine silage is the best and cheapest feed for pigs. It has a protein content of about 18%.

As farmers get solutions for the feeds’ challenges, it can create employment, especially for youth. A kilo of sweet potato vine silage costs sh400-sh500, depending on the area and season.

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