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Soybean Management For Better Yields

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Managing a soybean farm or any other farm means giving extra care to your plants from planting, weeding, harvesting and post-harvesting. Management is the key to better yields.

Prof. Phinehas Tukamuhabwa of Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute says for a farmer to be a good manager, they must have interest in growing the particular crop and have time for it.

He adds that interest for the project means taking care of the crop, planting a good seed type, and undertaking all the other good management practices. He shares more tips below;

  • When planting, follow recommended practices (prepare the land, apply manure before planting and plant enough seeds to avoid little yields).
  • Plant in well-drained soils not in water-logged places for example valleys and swamps.
  • Don’t plant under shade because the soybean crop needs sunshine.
  • Ensure to grow the right plant population, for example, 300,000 plants per acre. Enough plants in the field control weeds because when the crop covers the surface, weed is chocked and this preserves soil moisture.
  • Weed at least twice to control weeds and incase of a pest, spray with a recommended chemical.
  • If intercropped, soybean needs proper spacing of ten rows from soybean crop to another crop, for example, mangoes or maize, to enable the crop get enough sunlight.
  • Harvest when the crop has dried completely and thresh in the garden so the residue works as manure.
  • Dry your seed up to 12% moisture content and store in a dry and cool place on a raised pallet so that moisture doesn’t enter into the seeds to keep the viability and quality of the seed so that it fetches a good price.
Plant the soybean in well-drained soils for good yields. Story and photos by Rosemary Tukundane

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