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Solar Drying Minimises Losses

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Solar drying of fruits and vegetables is an innovative preservation technology that has been in use for years.

Solar dying does a good job of ensuring that the important components of the human diet (fruits and vegetables) stay for long (year) and still remain nutritious (source of vitamins, mineral, energy and dietary fibre) to the body.

This technology offers an easy-to-learn process that even the rural smallholder farmers can easily learn. It does not need to be powered up by electricity or fossil fuels to run. This gives it an even better advantage that it could be used by anyone who grows vegetables or fruits across the nation.

The technology, when used as required, makes the marketing process profitable. There are usually few or almost zero losses encountered from spoils of the old products.

These dried fruits and vegetables can also reach a wide market because of the durability and easy transportation process.

This drier can also be used at home to help preserve food, especially in situations where there is a food security question.

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