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Simple Ways To Manage Ticks On Your Farm

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Paul Biryomumisho, a cattle keeper from Rwimi in Bunyangabu district, says ticks are the biggest challenge among cattle which leads to reduction in production and sometimes death.

Ticks cause fever, blood loss and stress among cattle, leading to losses.

Ticks are a serious challenge cattle keepers should not take for granted on their farms.

This is how Biryomumisho has managed to control ticks on his farm.

He ensures that he slashes bushes around the barn, and across the grazing area. This prevents parasite attacks on the animals.

He sprays the cattle twice a week. This controls the parasite and incase there is an attack on an animal, the medicine is always strong and kills ticks, he says.

He says ideally, a cow attacked by ticks should be isolated from the rest to avoid the transmission of the parasite.

He says ticks can be removed manually using your hands from the animal.

Separate housing of cows and other livestock such as goats and sheep.

He adds that pasture spelling and rotational grazing help manage ticks on the farm.

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