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Silage Making Process Using A Plastic Bag

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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  • Select a good strong plastic bag with high density (from fertiliser bags to shopping bags) with a
    capacity from 5 to 50kg of fresh chopped green fodder. Imported plastic bags used in silage making are now available.
  • Wilt the forage in the sun for about one hour to reduce the moisture content.
  • Chop the forage into small pieces of about 1-3cm long before ensiling.
  • It is important to time the cutting of the forage so that the cut forage is not sitting for more than a day waiting to be chopped and ensiled, otherwise it will become moldy or dry.
  • Weigh the material.
  • Add fermentable substrate at ensiling, for example, molasses or maize bran. The addition of either molasses or maize bran is to act as a preservative. Molasses should be mixed with water at the ratio of one part of molasses with two parts of water to make it easier to apply.

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