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Recycle White Jerrycans For A Garden Hedge

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If you are stuck with white jerrycans, consider using them in your garden.

They can make a stunning hedge in your front or backyard vegetable garden. They can also work for schools and other commercial projects.

Leonard Muzahura, a landscaper and gardener, suggests you place them close to each other and fasten them with a wire to be firm.

“A good hedge has the magic to highlight the beauty of any garden. You can also add colour by painting the jerry cans,” he explains

The hedge will also help to hold back the soil and protect the garden from invaders.

How to install the hedge

Steven Kirumira, another gardener is of a view to decide where you want the hedge and mark a straight line along which you will align the jerrycans.

You can use a garden hose to make straight, curved or zigzag guides lines.

After, level the ground, dig down and burry their bottom about an inch inche above the ground.

Ensure they are firm before filling the trench with soil.

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